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The team combines skills and expertise to develop well coordinated architecture and interior designs including urban planning.


Around 5 partners , the agency is driven by more than 30 motivated collaborators :    


• architects, project managers, 

• interior designers,    

• Civil & MEP Engineers   

• Accountants and administrative coordinators   

• IT department

Technical means 


Plan Libre has powerful computer resources, and suitable premises, allowing the firm to respond in a timely manner to heavy workloads.


Since early 2014, Plan Libre has opted for the transition to BIM (Building Information Modelling), allowing all members of the design team collaborating efficiently, adding relevant information early in the project, when the changes do not yet have serious financial consequences.


With the completion of the prototype or a virtual representation of what will be built, our team test and analyze the project and the buildings in real time before starting the construction.


Therefore, the buildings created, consume less electricity, are heated and cooled more efficiently, thus protecting better their occupants.

Workstations : 
Powerful Graphic workstations, dedicated servers, hign capacities for storage, extranet and intranet servers



Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014, Autodesk Revit Structure 2014, Autodesk Revit MEP,  AUTOCAD 2012, Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2012, Autodesk Building Design Suite – Premium 2014, 3D Studio max., SKETCH UP, DEVISOC  (BOQ, Cost Control, Payment Certificates), WEKA CCTP  specifications, Microsoft Project (Planning), ROBOT for structure, R-CAD for Structure, Dolphin Senior Accountant, WIN 7 PROFESSIONAL 64 BIT







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